Group Road Bike Rides in Jackson Hole Expanded in 2015 Cycling Season

Two Groups for Tuesday Night Bike Ride Make it Easier for More Cyclists to Get Out and Road Ride

Despite the often chilly or stormy conditions that Spring in Jackson Hole brings, many people, including Team Jackson Hole riders, have been riding their bikes a lot already. Group road rides have been well attended for this time of year and a new “B” group for the “Tuesday Night World Championships” will make it more inclusive of more riders.

There is also a once monthly women’s ride on Wednesday evenings, which is a “no drop” designation. To get more info about these group road rides, please visit the JH Cycling website or Facebook Page; sign up for the JH Cycling email newsletter here; and contact Molly Breslin to get emails about women’s-only rides.

Here is a message from JHCycling outlining their current initiative for cycling in the greater Teton County region. Forest Dramis has been a tremendous help to expand cycling opportunities for the cycling community as a whole.

The Tuesday Night Ride has changed and I’d like to invite you to come be a part of it. In the past the Tuesday group ride has been less than inclusive and a bit intimidating for those wanting to dip their feet in the Jackson group-ride world. We are striving to completely change that stigma. We are all-inclusive and want everyone to come be a part of Jackson cycling. The Tuesday Night Ride is hard. Some nights it’s really hard, and that will continue. But there will always be someone to ride with and whether you’re in the front of the A group or just barely hanging on to the B group, our goal is for you to get a great workout, make new friends and enjoy your bike!

Beginning last year JHCycling worked with Molly and Carri to promote women’s group rides in Jackson and this year we’re taking the next step. To build on the great work they’ve been doing and the momentum the women’s rides have gained, Carri and Molly thought it would be a great time to begin to integrate the women’s rides with the Tuesday Night Ride. I couldn’t agree more.

This year, the Tuesday Night Ride will be breaking into A and B groups. Sometimes this will be done at the start, with the two groups riding totally different routes. Other times this will be done by having slower riders regroup at a designated point while the front group continues on. Carri and Molly hope that by integrating the Women’s Ride into the Tuesday Ride their following goals will be met: group rides will be every week versus every other week regardless of their busy work schedules, a greater camaraderie between the women’s group ride and the Tuesday Ride, and the ability for faster women to get a harder workout.

I’m excited for this new integration and I think it is a great opportunity for everyone to come together and enjoy the riding that Jackson has to offer. Last Tuesday Ride the women outnumbered the men and a great time was had by all! In addition to inviting you to the Tuesday Ride, I also want to extend an invitation to come join JHCycling on ALL our group rides. Almost every weekend we do a group ride up north, especially now that the Park road is free of cars.

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