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Team Jackson Hole Adopts Hole Food Rescue as its Non Profit for the 2014 Bike Racing Season

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Supervised by the Jackson Cupboard, a local not for profit, Hole Food Rescue (HFR) is working to create a more sustainable food system in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

The objective of Hole Food Rescue is to decrease food waste and increase the level of nutrition to the at-risk, low-income population of Teton County.

Hole Food Rescue is 100% volunteer run and encourages volunteers to use bikes and buggies to transport food donations from local grocery stores to people in need.

Founded in June 2013 by Ali Dunford, the program currently diverts over 10,000 pounds of food from entering the waste stream every month, relocating unsellable yet edible food from businesses including Albertsons, Jackson Whole Grocer, and Persephone Bakery seven days a week.

HFR donates food to a number of local organizations benefitting the needy including the Jackson Cupboard, Good Samaritan Mission, Senior Center, Community Safety Network, Latino Resource Center, and Teton County Victim Services.

Partnering with Haderlie Farms in Thayne, Wyo. and Generation Farms in Victor, Idaho allows any inedible food to be used as pig, goat, and chicken feed.

How is Team Jackson Hole Involved?

It is anticipated that the volunteer involvement provided by Team Jackson Hole (TJH) members will allow HFR to open new streams of edible food waste from other sources such as Smith’s Grocery, the Aspens Market, and maybe eventually the Vertical Harvest.

Additionally, Team Jackson Hole contacts in the bike industry will be approached to provide support and funding for bikes and trailers suitable for transporting the “rescued” food to the recipient organizations.

TJH will also be providing media support to heighten awareness in the community of the Hole Food Rescue project.

For more information regarding Hole Food Rescue visit www.holefoodrescue.org or contact holefoodrescue@gmail.com

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