Chuck Collins

I’ve been a licensed bicycle racer for twenty three years. I quickly moved up to Category II and have been since 1991. I use to race at least eighty races per year around the Intermountain West. These days, as I’m now the youngster in my age category, 50+, I prepare very carefully so as to maximize the value of my experience. Now I race maybe twenty-five times per season.

That preparation requires quality training, mindful focus, and plenty of rest. I’ve never been a particularly strong rider. My strength is my ability to suffer and endure difficult conditions, my ability to read a race, and my commitment to put the hammer down when it’s time. I rarely waste energy unnecessarily, I’m not afraid to animate a race, and I fully understand that one needs to risk losing in order to win. Every once in a while, a result comes my way that surprises me.

The realities of bicycle racing in the the occidental world puts a tremendous amount of focus on results. If I believed that, I would never have continued racing my bike for more than twenty years. Bicycle racing is a process of preparation and execution. To the youngsters or new racers reading this, try not to get caught up in the social requirement to win. I encourage you to embrace this game first as a competitive participant. If your prepare thoroughly the results will happen. Recognize that bike racing is a very hard and competitive sport. You do not have to have genetic gifts to excel in this sport. You can succeed by learning the game – and there is so much to know.

Beyond my racing, I coach/mentor on a selective basis. I’ve organizes four bicycle clubs, have organized more than two dozen races, and have started an annual race series. I was a United States Cycling Federation Trustee for six years from 1997-2003. I was a USA Cycling (USAC) Director from 1999-2001, USAC Vice-President from 2000-2002. I was a member of the USAC Finance Committee through that period. I promoted Utah’s first Lance Armstrong Junior Olympic Events in 1996-1997. I’m responsible for National Governing Body legislation that encouraged USAC support of Bikes Belong and the League of American Bicyclists, the creation of the One-day license for road racing and more so as to support a broad bicycle rider community that serves all interests in order to grow the activity of bicycle riding.

So you want to be a bike racer?
• Find a club.
• Race your bike.
• Live in a city where there is a weekly training series.
• Read Eddy B’s – Bicycle Road Racing: The Complete Program for Training and Competition ISBN-10: 0941950077; ISBN-13: 978-0941950077.
• Become aware of the history or the sport.
• Always have a beginners mind.
• Find a mentor/coach.
• Bike components – a least shimano 105, reliable wheels, and these days you eventually need a power device.
• Five to ten hours per week.

2012 Race Schedule
Events – For criteriums, likely race both Master’s and Category Pro/1/2
Elkhorn Stage Race (Masters) June 17-19th
Draper Utah Summer Solstice Criterium June 21st
Utah State Time Trial Championships (Master’s) July 2nd
Terry McGinnis Criterium # 2 July 2nd
Hailey Criterium July 4th
Porcupine Big Cottonwood Hillclimb July 9th
Jackson Hole Criterium July 10th
Boise Twilight Criterium July 16
Teton Hillclimbs July 24th-25th
Cascade Classic Stage Race (Masters) July 23rd-July25th
Idaho State RR Pro/1/2 August 6th
Idaho State Crit Masters & Pro/1/2 August 7th
Pierre’s Hole 100 August 6th
Master’s World Qualifier Ft Collins, CO August 19th-21st
Master’s Nationals Bend Oregon August 30th September 4th
Lotoja Pro/1/2 Sept 11th

Racing Resume
• Teton Pass Road Hill Climbs 2010 Overall – 7th, Master’s 45 + 3rd
• Teton Pass MTB Hill Climbs 2010 Overall – 4th, Master’s 45 + 1st
• Teton Pass/Targhee 2010 Overall – 4th, Master’s 45+ 2nd
• Utah Master’s TT 45-49 2010 – 2nd
• Jackson Hole Master’s Criterium 2009 – 3rd
• Jackson Hole Pro-1-2′s Criterium 2009 – 3rd
• Cascade Classic RR Masters 45+ 4th
• Gate City Grind Stage Race Master’s Criterium 35+ 2006 1st
• Lotoja Master’s 1996 3rd
• Utah Master’s Criterium 45-49 2006 – State Champion 1st
• Utah Master’s TT 30-34 1996 – State Champion 1st
• Vuelta de Bisbee – 2010
• Cascade Classic – 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
• Tour of the Gila – 2007, 2009, 2010
• Elk Horn Classic – 2007, 2010
• Mt Hood Classic – 2009
• Lotoja -1993 (1/2/3), 1994 (1/2/3), 1995 (1/2/3), 1996 (Masters) , 1997 Masters), 2002 (Masters), 2003(1/2/3), 2004 (1/2/3), 2006 (Masters), 2007(1/2/3), 2008 (1/2/3), 2009 (1/2/3)
• High Uintas Stage Race 1993 (1/2), 1994 (1/2), 1995 (1/2), 1996 (1/2), 2001 (Masters), 2006 (Masters), 2008 (Masters), 2009 (Masters)
• Boise Twilight 1995, 1996, 2009, 2010
• Day After Criterium 1995, 1996, 2009
• Treasure Valley Stage Race 2008 (Masters)
• Platte Bridge Station Stage Race 1995 (1/2), 1996 ( Master’s 2nd)
• Willamette Stage Race (1/2)
• Casper Classic Stage Race 1989-1990 (3),1991 (1/2)
• Glenwood Springs Stage Race 1991
• Telluride Stage Race 1990

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