Doug Cook

Doug joined Team Jackson Hole in the spring of 2012, and describes himself as somewhat of an “All-Arounder” who likes participating in the many sports that Jackson has to offer.  Initially a triathlon/duathlon junky, he now spends significantly more time on his road and mountain bikes. In the winter you can find him on the slopes of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort where he’s worked in the Lift Operations department since 1998. Besides spending countless days at the ski resort and in the backcountry, he’ll pedal his snowbike to help pass the time.

Select race results and current race schedule is as follows:

2014:  Run & Ride Duathlon – 2nd overall; Upcoming Races:  High Uintas Classic; Beartooth Blitz Hillclimb; Cache Valley Fondo; Great Snake Triathlon; Rexburg Rush Triathlon; Targhee Hillclimb; Teton Pass Hillclimb; LoToJa Classic; Xterra Ogden National Championships; maybe a few Fall cyclecross events.

2013:  PPP – Team bike fastest split; Gila Stage Race Cat 4 – GC 8th overall, 5th TT, 5th RR, 2nd 35+ category; High Uintas Classic Cat 4 – 2nd overall; Tax Day Circuit Race – 2nd Cat 4; SLC Bike-4-Kids Stage Race Cat 4 – 8th RR, 2nd TT, 17th GC; Targhee Hillclimb – 2nd overall; Teton Pass Hillclimb – 2nd overall

2012:  Moab Gran Fondo – 3:03:35; Pocatello Bengal Triathlon – 1st overall; Rexburg Duathlon – 1st overall; Run & Ride Duathlon – 1st overall; Shirley’s 10k run – 4th overall 39:01; Jackson ½ Marathon – 7th overall 1:27:45; Tour de Bozeman RR – 1st GC cat 5; Idaho Falls Duathlon – 1st overall; Targhee RR Hillclimb – 2nd overall; Pierre’s Hole Mtn Bike 50 miler – 6th overall 4:47:57; Lotoja – 9:22:44, Cat 4

2011:  Moab Gran Fondo – 3:09:52; Moab Triathlon – 3rd overall; Run & Ride Duathlon – 2nd overall; Boise ½ Ironman – 9th 4:40:51; Jackson ½ Marathon – 1:27:19; Targhee RR hillclimb – 2nd overall; Blacktail Triathlon – 1st male overall; Spudman Triathlon – 1st age group; Rexburg Rush Triathlon – 2nd overall; Teton Village Hillclimb Run – 4th overall (1:18:09)

2010:  Moab Gran Fondo – 3:36:34; Boise ½ Ironman – 12th 4:56:07; Jackson ½ Marathon – 6th overall 1:27:44; Spudman Triathlon – 4th age group; Rexburg Rush Triathlon – 5th overall; Teton Village Hillclimb Run – 4th (1:20:37); Lotoja – 9:50:01, 2nd Open Class

2009:  Shoulder Injury; Lotoja – 10:20:52

2008:  Shoulder Injury; Lotoja – 10:21:18

2007:  Rigby Triathlon – 1st overall; Run & Ride Duathlon – 3rd overall; Bearlake Triathlon – 3rd overall; Treasure State Offroad Triathlon – 1st overall; Shirley’s 10k Run – 1st overall; Moonlight Basin Xterra – 3rd overall; Pocatello Triathlon – 1st overall; Spudman Triathlon – 3rd age group; Rexburg Rush Triathlon – 1st male overall

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