Hamilton Smith


 Age: 43


I discovered a passion for endurance events during a solo of the Mt. Taylor Quadrathalon in 2004.  I have been a field and research biologist since the early 90’s throughout New Mexico, Washington, Montana and Wyoming. My present occupation is as an Environmental Consultant with Biota Research and Consulting here in Jackson; possibly the most amazing place in the country to look after critters and their sensitive habitats.


I can generally be found out of the saddle on steep climbs on a custom Siren John Henry 29’er singlespeed, or putting in training miles on an Orbea Opal.


Favorite Race/Ride: I absolutely love heading up to Yellowstone’s West Thumb in the spring and putting in an early century on the southern half of the Grand Loop, generally before the RV invasion of Memorial Day weekend. I have seen grizzlies, wolves, eagles, river otters, cranes, swans… the odd geyseryou get the picture.


Proudest moment: Finishing my first MTB 100 miler in Leadville was special, but the big hugs from my son after finishing my first 100 on a singlespeed in Butte was priceless.


Worst: Heatstroke in Laramie during the Enduro – graphic details omitted, but it got all over the handlebars!


When not biking: It’s all about the family – hiking, skiing, swimming, soccer. I am sure there are intellectual pursuits in there as well. My children Adriano (7)  Aila (4) and Aven (diapers) are always charged up to ride bikes with daddy. My wife is enjoying her new Niner Rip 9, and we look forward to more trail riding together this summer. 


How did I get to Jackson? By not trying! I was looking for work in NW Montana when my current job was advertised (December, 2005) and applied on a whim. My first taste of Jackson powder happened while visiting during the fabled winter of Ninety-heaven (97), so I knew I could not go wrong.


Race/Ride Schedule:


JH Mountain Games

Tatanka 100

Pierre’s Hole 50

Teton PassKicker

Park City Point-2-Point

Levi’s Gran Fondo

And any other races as I can possibly fit on the schedule


Race resume:

Once upon a time I snagged a second in Sport class at theLaramie Enduro. I was motivated by a string of 4th place finishes in 2010, and finally landed on the podium again last year racing my singlespeed with a 2nd at the Boise 9 to 5, and a 3rd at the Pierre’s Hole 50. I was also very psyched with a 22nd overall, and 7th place singlespeed finish at the Cascade Creampuff 100, and a top 50 overall finish in Levi Leipheimer’s Granfondo.

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