Jeff Kloppenburg

What is your favorite race/ride and why?
The Wigmam MTB Challenge in Sheboygan, Wisconsin because it’s a cool (although muddy) mountain bike course with a lot of support from local fans, many of whom are my family and friends!

What are you proudest of having done on your bike?
A first place finish in the Capital Criterium in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2003. An uphill finish in front of the Minnesota state capital, it was a stately way to end a race for me ahead of everyone else.

Proudest of in your life?
I’m proudest of losing weight and finding my zen (forgetting my daily worries and feeling at bliss) by riding my bike in racing, training, and just riding.

What’s been your worst day on a bike?
Around the Block: Supposed to be a “fun ride” to raise money for local non- profit Pursue Balance, this ride from Wilson to Victor to Swan Valley to Alpine to Jackson and finally back to Wilson (109 hilly miles with 4921 elevation gain) it wasn’t much “fun” for me since I my feet swelled up and I bonked in the last thirty miles. I finally finished and drank a beer and ate lots of food. I look forward to doing the ride again soon, though.

What do you do when not biking?
Besides perusing Facebook, I enjoy grilling, hunting, backcountry split boarding, mountaineering, reading, listening to music, cooking, eating sugary things, camping, etc.

Age, occupation, hometown, favorite food, years biking, favorite way to waste time?
Guess my age (a cashier in Moab carded me recently, yeah!), Carpenter, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Favorite foods: pizza, cookies, and ice cream (organic, of course), Twelve years of racing, Facebook!

How did you end up in Jackson?
Some guy I met in skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland (Mike Pimm) told me it was a great place to bike and ski, so I checked it our and ending up moving here.

What do you ride?
2010 Pinnarello FP3, Waterford 2200, Schwinn Homegrown Pro, Trek Elance 440 Singlespeed. My first bike was a yellow Schwinn Stingray with a banana seat.

Racing Resume
– Oct. 17th | Budlight Mountain Bike Challenge | Sheboygan, WI | 4th Place

– May 7th | WORS Mountain Bike Iola Bump & Jump | Iola, WI | 4th Place Sport

– April 22nd | Evergreen Park Circuit Race | Sheboygan, WI | 4th Place Cat. 5
– May 7th | WORS Mountain Bike Iola Bump & Jump | Iola, WI | 8th Place & 70th Overall Comp

– July 13th | Superweek Otto Grunski Menasha Challenge | Menasha, WI | 14th Place Cat. 4

– Oct. | Wigwam Ultimax MTB Challenge | Sheboygan, WI | 9th Place & 41st Place Overall Comp
– Sept. 7th | The Summit Brewing Capitol Crit | St. Paul, MN | 1st Place Masters 4/5
– Aug. 23rd | Cudahy Crit Classic | Cudahy, WI | 2nd Place Cat. 4
– Aug. 10th | Minnesota State Criterium Championship | Minneapolis, MN | 10th Place Cat. 4
– July 12th | Superweek Otto Grunski Challenge | Menasha, WI | 5th Place Cat 4
– June 22nd | Rochester Saturn Crit | Rochester, MN | 10th Place Cat. 4

– July | Northfield Crit | Northfield, MN | 18th Place & Sprint Prime Cat. 3
– July 21st | Superweek Bellin Health Depere Cycling Classic | 17th Place Cat 3
– June 15th | Gravity Lab Circuit Race | Rosemount, MN | 17th Place Cat. 3

– July 14th | Allan Butler Crit | 15th Place Masters 35+
– June 12th | Summiter Crit | Rosemount, MN | 5th Place Cat. 3/4

– May 23rd | Torchlight Criterium | Jackson, WY | 12th Place Masters 35+
– May 23rd | Torchlight Criterium | Jackson, WY | 7th Place Cat 1/2/3
– June 24 | Cache to Game MTB | Jackson, WY | 37th Place

– July 11th | Allan Butler Crit | Idaho Falls, ID | 2nd Place Masters 35+
– July 4th | Powerhouse Crit | Hailey, ID | Pack Finish
– June 22nd | Tour of America’s Dairyland Sheboygan Harbor Centre Bike Race | Sheboygan, WI | 46th Masters 1/2/3


-Run & Ride for the Cure 1st Men’s Team Jackson,WY.
-Sugarhouse Criterium Salt Lake, UT.
-Tour Of America’s Dairyland Stage Race:Masters Cat. 123 45+ 13th place overall.
-East Troy Cycling Classic 49th East Troy, WI.
-Giro D’ Grafton Grafton,  WI.
-Waukesha Carl Zach Cycling Classic Waukesha, WI.
-Greenbush Road Race 45th Greenbush, WI.
-Attitude Sports Fond du Lac Road Race 18th Fon Du Lac, WI.
-Sheboygan Harbor Centre International Cycling Challenge 39th Hometown Sheboygan, WI.
-Fond du Lac Criterium Commonwealth Classic 49th Fon Du Lac,WI.
-ISCorp Downer Classic 40th Milwaukee, WI.
-Madison Capital Criterium 25th Madison, WI.
-Tour de Bozeman Masters A 7th overall Bozeman, MT.
-Tour De Bozeman Road Race 8th Bozeman, MT.
-Tour De Bozeman Time Trial 7th Bozeman, MT.
-Tour De Bozeman Criterium 6th Bozeman, MT.
-Exergy Twilight Criterium 15th Boise, ID.
-St. Lukes Sports Medicine Idaho State Criterium Championship Hidden Springs, ID.

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