Jim Verdone

What is your favorite race/ride and why?
I have this thing now where every year on my birthday I ride twice my age. I am up to 112 miles this year. I ride a route on the back roads through the farm fields between Tetonia and Ashton and up an old forest service road called the Fish Creek Road. It has got to be some of the best road riding around with little to no traffic and quite a bit of elevation gain, some rough pavement in places but certainly worthwhile. I like hills and little traffic.

What are you proudest of having done on your bike?
Finishing my first LOTOJA, a lot of pain and suffering but stuck with it. And then there was a High Unita Classic where it was freezing rain for 50 miles over a 10,700 foot pass and ¾ of the field dropped out because of hypothermia. I probably should have dropped out too but I wasn’t sure it was going to be any warmer waiting for the bus.

What’s been your worst day on a bike?
My first LOTOJA. Dropped at the state line junction (perhaps the loneliest feeling you can have with no one in sight behind you and you are not even half way). Serious stomach issues in Afton. Head winds and by myself from Ashton to Alpine and on into Jackson and numb feet by that point.

What do you do when not biking?
Family, work and now running Team Jackson Hole. Use to do all the other major Jackson Hole sport groups like climbing, kayaking, and fishing but not enough time these days. Skiing in the winter and home improvement projects fill in the rest of the year.

Age, occupation, hometown, favorite food, years biking, favorite way to waste time?
Age? I will let you do the math from by birthday ride numbers. I am a Landscape Architect with my own business in Jackson, WY and Driggs, ID. I like sharp cheddar cheese, always have. I have been biking since around 1980. It all started with an old Gitane bike that I found in the Snake River and resurrected to use on the annual Hike,Bike,Ski,Bike,Hike up Cache Peak. I don’t really like to waste time.

How did you end up in Jackson?
I had been into climbing since I was 10 years old so; Jackson Hole was always on the map. I worked summers out here as a mountaineering instructor for 5 years and after graduating from college I did a New Years accent of the Grand Teton with NOLS and Paul Petzoldt. Afterwards I stayed at his lodge in Alta and never left.

What do you ride?
Cannodale Supersix

2011 Race Schedule
Jackson Run and Ride
Targhee Hillclimb
Tour de Bozeman
Tour de Park City
Everest Challenge

Racing Resume
2nd 2010 LOTOJA Masters 55 +
6th 2010 High Uintas Classic Stage Race Masters 55+
3rd 2010 Garden Creek Gap / Idaho Road race Championship Masters 55+
24th 2009 LOTOJA Masters 45+
8th 2009 High Unitas Classic Road Race Masters 45+
21st 2008 LOTOJA Masters 45+

I am not going to go back to the 80’s

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