Molly Breslin

Bike Racer and Triathlete Molly Breslin

Molly Breslin - Team Jackson Hole
Molly Breslin is a 13-year resident of Jackson, WY. An avid outdoor adventurer, skier, runner, and triathlete, in 2005 she was lucky enough to win the Wyoming state title for women in triathlon. This ranked her as one of the top 50 amateur triathletes in USA that year.

Most of her athletic “career” has been spent competing in road triathlons but recently she has been dabbling in the Xterra Off-Road triathlon series and has qualified twice for the national championship race.

Molly is a nurse anesthestist who works independently and travels extensively to do so; she has worked at 37 different medical facilities in 22 different states. She is also a certified coach for USA Triathlon, a certified Health and Wellness Coach for Wellcoaches (an affiliate of Harvard School of Medicine and American College of Sports Medicine) and has her certificate in Nutrition for Sports and Optimal Health and Wellness from San Diego State University. Currently she is coaching individual athletes as well as groups.

Her family instilled the spirit of volunteerism in her at very young age and she has worked with the Special Olympics, Wilderness Medical Society, Meals-On-Wheels, Xterra Racing, Ironman Racing, Leadville 100, University Of Pennsylvania Hospital of Veterinary Medicine, Jackson Hole Food Pantry, Teton Literacy Program/Teton County School District, Friends of Pathways, PAWS, Teton County Parks and Recreation and Teton County Public Health to name a few. Her grandfather always said: “When you give more than you get, you end up getting more than you give.” In June of this year she will be taking her niece and nephew to live and work in an orphanage in Zimbabwe for three weeks under the auspices of the American Foundation for Children with AIDS.

Carri Wullner and Molly have recently combined forces to initiate what they hope will be a consistent and sustainable road cycling initiative in Jackson. They coordinate and lead rides two Wednesdays a month.

Molly Breslin’s 2014 Bike Race Agenda:

Frog Hollow 6 Hour Mtn Bike Race – Hurricane, UT
Gran Fondo Road Event – Moab, UT
Fast and the Furriest 5K – Ft. Collins, CO
Spring Run-Off 5K – Jackson, WY
Xterra Lory Off Road Triathlon – Bellvue, CO

Silver Rush 50 Mtn Bike Race – Leadville, CO
Xterra Beavercreek Off Road Triathlon – Avon, CO

Tri for the Cure – Denver, CO
Pierre’s Hole 50 Mtn Bike Race – Alta, WY
Steamboat Spring Xterra Off-Road Triathlon – Steamboat, CO

Teton Pass Kicker Mtn Bike Race – Jackson, WY

Xterra Off-Road Triathlon Nat’l Championships – Ogden, UT

Xterra Off-Road Triathlon World Championships – Maui, HI


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